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Wednesday Dec 12, 2018

Conservative author Jerome Corsi told Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators accused him of lying under oath only after "I couldn't give them what they wanted." Corsi spoke to Fox News one day after he announced he would reject a deal with investigators that would have required him to... Read more

Brenda Snipes, the supervisor of elections for Broward, County, Florida, will receive nearly $130,000 a year in pensions when she resigns from her position in January. Snipes, who resigned after receiving intense scrutiny for her office's handling of the midterm elections earlier this month, is already receiving $58,560 in state pens Read more

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) shot down a bizarre comparison that Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) made to caravan migrants after an altercation involving tear gas at the border. Ocasio-Cortez was commenting from her social media account about tear gas being used by border officials to drive off caravan migrants who were trying ... Read more

The "Need to Impeach" campaign funded and run by billionaire political activist Tom Steyer has launched a new television ad designed to pressure newly elected members of Congress and gain their support for impeaching President Donald Trump. According to a list of new house members compiled by, 57 of the freshmen are Democrats ... Read more

Stormy Daniels' attorney and presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti has been ordered to pay $4.85 million to an attorney at his former Southern California law firm by a California judge. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dennis Landin issued the ruling after turning down Avenatti's request to move the case to federal court. The oppos Read more

Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn hit Democrat Phil Bredesen Wednesday night with accusations that he shielded friends from allegations of sexual harassment while claims nearly doubled during his time as governor of Tennessee. The two squared off in a debate during which Blackburn pointed to files on sexual harassment that Read more

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat from North Dakota, apologized Tuesday after publicly naming victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse in an attack ad aimed at her Republican challenger -- this, after some of the women said they did not give permission for the campaign to name them, and others said they'd never experienced abuse. Read more

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez ran into trouble Sunday after insisting that the party has “never hesitated to take action” on misconduct allegations against Democratic officials, including DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison. Mr. Perez defended the DNC’s refusal to call for the resignation of Mr. Ellison over his ex-girlfriend’s dom... Read more

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Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill has used every political trick in the book to win 22 of her 23 races as a Democrat running in GOP country. This year, she’s counting on coming up with one more to repel Republican challenger Josh Hawley in a state that President Trump won by 19 points in 2016. “This is the most coin-flip race that we have thi... Read more

If you search online for articles that are critical of Texas Democratic candidate for Senate, Beto O’Rourke, then you’re going to have a relatively tough time. They’re few and far between, with a few of them populating this site in particular. What you will find, however, are a load of puff pieces about Ted Cruz’s challenger. You’ll be inunda... Read more

She led this guy, John James -- who is another great candidate. He is an African-American, solid citizen, military veteran. She "led James by 23 points in a September poll by the same firm. It's now down to seven, and a significant factor in the tightening race over the past month is an uptick in the approval rating of ... Donald Trump and a nar... Read more

“Our state director is Indian American, but he does an amazing job,” Donnelly said during the debate. “Our director of all constituent services -- she’s African American, but she does an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine.” Read more

Democrats taking to the airwaves to denounce Judge Brett Kavanaugh have been considerably less focused on their own abuse investigation into Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison. The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party said a month ago it would investigate after a former girlfriend accused Mr. Ellison of emotional and physical abuse, but since t... Read more

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn. said loose immigration policies of the past have impacted every state – and not just those along the Mexican border. Her comments came Friday in an interview on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom.” “It is such a big deal,” she said. “The reason is because of loose immigration policies, every state is Read more

With two weeks until Election Day, the leading candidates in the Florida gubernatorial race are working to earn votes in Jacksonville. On Tuesday, Ron DeSantis (R, Florida) appeared at the Police Memorial Building, surrounding himself with members of law enforcement for their endorsement, including Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams. Read more

Keith Ellison has stated publicly that he will not enforce certain laws if passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor. The Attorney General is not king. He does not have the authority to choose which laws he will enforce. The law applies equally to all or to none and Ellison cannot determine which parties are subject to such enforcemen... Read more

Republican Mike Braun’s path into politics started with a phone call he received at home intended for his wife, Maureen. Bernie Volger, now president of the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Board, was calling to see if Maureen Braun would be interested in filling Read more

In one poll from last month, Ellison and his opponent Doug Wardlow (R) were shown to be in a dead heat, each with 41 percent among likely voters. A second poll conducted by the Star Tribune/MPR News Minnesota also showed Ellison at 41 percent with a slight lead over Wardlow, who was at 31 percent. Read more

Taylor Swift's "End Game" may be to keep Marsha Blackburn from being elected to the Senate, but Tennessee voters appear to be shaking off the pop star's endorsement of her opponent. On Sunday, Swift urged her 112 million Instagram followers to register to vote and cast their ballot for Blackburn's opponent, former governor Phil Bredesen. Afte... Read more

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., welcomed Wednesday a congressional probe into domestic violence accusations leveled at Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. “In August, when allegations surfaced against Congressman Ellison, he immediately called for an independent investigation," Pelosi wrote in a statement released to reporters. "As that... Read more

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