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Tuesday Mar 02, 2021

FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in his first testimony since the US Capitol riot on January 6th. Wray told the Senate today the riot in the US Capitol was “domestic terrorism.” Read more

(Photo: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images) Hong Kong authorities charged 47 pro-democracy activists in the city with “conspiracy to subvert state powers” over the weekend, Radio Television Hong Kong reported Sunday. Police in Hong Kong said they had charged 39 men and eight women, aged 23 to 64, with the offense, and that the group would be detained ... Read more

(Photo: Getty Images) A top State Department nominee is a defender of the Confucius Institute, a Chinese government program that disseminates pro-Beijing propaganda on American college campuses. Victoria Nuland, President Biden's choice for undersecretary of state for political affairs, voiced support for the expansion of the Chinese governme... Read more

The former DOJ Assistant Attorney General under James Comey and the Obama Administration is back. Even though there is ample evidence he committed crimes during his Obama tenure, he is now back in the DOJ. Read more

(Photo: Getty Images) The World Economic Forum (WEF) faced a barrage of criticism before deleting a social media video which praised coronavirus lockdowns for “quietly improving cities around the world”. Read more

On Thursday’s broadcast of “Fox Business Tonight,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) called for an investigation by the state’s attorney general and the state Ethics Committee into the sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). Read more

On January 6th, 2021, Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt was executed by a Capitol Police Officer who seemed to hold no restraint. 50 days later, the Capitol Police Officer responsible has been identified in photos before and during the shooting. The Police Lieutenant’s nam Read more

(Photo: Greg Nash/Pool via Reuters) In 2017, California attorney general Xavier Becerra — who is now Joe Biden’s pick to run the Department of Health and Human Services — filed felony charges against pro-life activists who had gone undercover to film videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies to ... Read more

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Exposing The Plan To Siege the US Capitol On January 6th, 2021 What happened on January 6, 2021 was part of a well prepared contingency plan to disrupt President Trump’s chances contest the election results riddled with accusations of fraud. Now Let me reveal some of the "shadow actors" involved in it. Read more

Martin Avila, the CEO of IT infrastructure company Right Forge, which provides digital services for center-right businesses and groups, recently published an op-ed arguing that a second internet must be created to maintain digital freedom. Read more

The Biden administration opened a gated migrant facility for illegal immigrant children this past weekend in Carrizo Springs, Texas. The camp will hold up to 700 illegal immigrant children. The facility was open for one month during the Trump years and then Read more

(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot) HOUSTON, TX – While the COVID-19 pandemic has gotten much of the attention due to the number of deaths attributed to it, another epidemic has gone relatively unnoticed, but it has also been quite deadly. Read more

WASHINGTON — The exit of Donald Trump has brought back a more normal rhythm to politics in Washington, but outside the Beltway, deeper forces are reshaping the partisan landscape. Data from the NBC News poll shows that the composition of the two major par Read more

(Photo: VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm/GettyImages) One Missouri County, concerned that the federal government might infringe on the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, passed an ordinance this month which would invalidate any such attempt by the federal government. Read more

On November 13th, less than ten days after Election Night 2020, we uncovered a pattern in the Pennsylvania results that was so surprising, it was impossible. This pattern led to Joe Biden being awarded the state after President Trump being up on Election Night by nearly a 2 to 1 ratio: Read more

(Photo: AP/Josh Anderson) A Johnson County legislator has filed a bill that he says will make sure the constitutional right to bear arms is protected in Tennessee. State Rep. Scotty Campbell, R-Mountain City, is sponsoring House Bill 0928, which he has dubbed the “Tennessee Second Amendment Sanctuary Act.” Read more

(Photo: mpi04/MediaPunch /IPX/via AP) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced several reforms Friday designed to ensure election integrity. Appearing in West Palm Beach, DeSantis backed legislation that would Read more

(Photo: Joe Kovacs) The election-fraud lawsuits on behalf of President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign alleged laws were violated, invalid ballots were counted and safeguards were ignored. Now the national Republican Party is taking up those claims and others to ensure the transparency and integrity of elections to come. Read more

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Capitol Police seeking for emails and videos concerning the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 (Judicial Watch v. United States Capitol Police (No. 1:21-cv-00401)). Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit under the common law right of access to public records after the... Read more

A city public school principal is asking parents to “reflect” on their “whiteness” — passing out literature that extols “white traitors’’ who “dismantle institutions,” education officials confirmed to The Post on Tuesday. The “woke’’ offensive at the East Side Community School in Manhattan features a ranking list titled “The 8 White Identitie... Read more

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