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Wednesday Jun 03, 2020

A 22-year-old woman was killed early Monday in an apparently random shooting as she was leaving a protest against police brutality in Davenport, her relatives said. Italia Marie Kelly was one of two people fatally shot overnight in Read more

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday night that the Republican National Convention will no longer be hosted in North Carolina after Gov. Roy Cooper refused to host a full-scale event citing coronavirus concerns. Read more

On Saturday, pop star Justin Timberlake added his voice to the celebrities offering to fund bail for rioters who were too poor to make bail. “Please join me in supporting the Minneapolis protestors by donating to the @mnfreed Read more

The FBI's top lawyer resigned on Friday as President Trump and his supporters continue to condemn the agency for its investigations into former staffers and Trump allies. An FBI spokesperson confirmed on Sunday that Dana Boente’s 38-year career in senior roles at the Justice Department will end on June 30, when his retirement goes into effect. Read more

They hide the rotten apples under the guise of privacy protection. Police brutality has been seared into the consciousness of many Americans — especially blacks — since the 1960s, when TV showed civil-rights protestors being clubbed and h Read more

Those who followed my somewhat manic writings in 2017, 2018 and 2019 about the imminent threat to free speech in America may have thought I was over-reacting. Indeed, some thought I was obsessed; others thought I was crazy. Read more

Top Democrats are starting to get concerned. Their hysterical assertions that Republican governors who gradually reopened their economies would have "blood on their hands" proved to be hysterical assertions. And now Democrats worry about the prospect of a strong economic recovery. Read more

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for nine Republican senators to lose their next primary races for writing a letter to President Donald Trump demanding that he continue allowing “foreigners to take Am Read more

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(Photo: Susan Walsh, AP) The swing voters who will decide the 2020 election oppose by 2:1 the inflow and hiring of more foreign workers amid the coronavirus crash, according to a May 20-21 poll of 1,250 lik Read more

(Photo: Gary Peters, Getty Images) Sen. Gary Peters has repeatedly agitated for a federal bailout for his home state, indirectly seeking a rescue for the pension system that pays the millionaire Michigan Democrat five figures annually. Read more

China’s state-run Global Times went to bat for the heavy-handed “national security law” Beijing is preparing to impose on Hong Kong with a slew of editorials on Monday and Tuesday, denouncing criticism as fear-mongering and predicting Hong Kong would Read more

(Photo: Getty Images) YouTube is deleting comments that contain two terms Chinese dissidents use to criticize the government, raising concerns about the tech industry's willingness to censor content to gain favor with the communist regi Read more

Scott Kane went 38 years without ever touching a gun. That streak would have continued had it not been for the coronavirus. In March, fearful of the harassment his wife and child experienced over their Asian ancestry, Kane found himself in a California gun shop. His March 11 purchase of a Read more

The Republican Party is suing California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) over his order to send every registered voter in the state a ballot by mail for the November elections. "[California's] election system is already burdened with serious issues. The disastrous Read more

If NBC News legal analyst and former Robert Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann participates in an upcoming fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Read more

Hong Kong police have fired tear gas and a water cannon at protesters in a popular shopping district, as thousands took to the streets to march against China’s proposed tough national security legislation for the city Read more

(Photo: Getty Images) New legislation introduced in Congress on Thursday would block federal funds from being used to purchase Chinese-made drones amid growing concerns the technology could allow Beijing to engage in espionage operations, according to a copy of the measure obtained by the Washington Free Read more

(PHOTO: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images) New York nursing homes were forced to accept more than 4,500 coronavirus patients from hospitals thanks to an order from Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a tally by The Associated Press found. Cuomo has come under heated criticism for his March 25 order forcing recovering COVID-19 patients in... Read more

NBC News has refused to say whether network president Noah Oppenheim granted legal analyst and former Robert Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann permission to headline a virtual fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Weissmann's participation in the event without the express permission of Oppenheim is a violation Read more

Lordstown, Ohio, will soon get about 600 American jobs to produce electric pickup trucks for the Lordstown Motors company starting in 2021, with thousands of more jobs expected to follow in 2022 for additional all-electric lineups. As Breitbart News has chronicled, GM CEO Mary Barra idled the Lordstown plant last year — resulting in th Read more

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